Argi-Vive III Review – Does Argi-Vive III Work Effective?

Product Overview:
Some people are scared of taking a pill. They seek supplements which are in powder base or application based.
Argi-Vive III is one such product which is powder based.
It is said that the functioning of this product is same as that of any male enhancement supplement which is it increases sexual performance at growing age.

What does Argi-Vive III inside human body?
The product is designed to attain harder and longer-lasting erections, and improvement in stamina and libido, and strong reproductive health. It focuses on increasing blood flow throughout the body which is essential for a better sexual performance.

The composition of Argi-Vive III:
1. L-arginine-hydrochloride: This constituent stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, which helps in blood circulation for the penis during sexual arousal for a firmer and longer lasting erection.

2. Niacin: This helps in treatment of high cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Vitamins B12: Plays a vital role for normal testosterone production which is directly connected to the sex drive of men.

4. Panax Ginseng: This is exactly regarded the important of most supplements, along with the many venerable of most aphrodisiacs. This nutrient has long been used for many years to relieve fatigue and improve intimate vitality. Studies have found that ginseng has some substances known a ginsenosides which have been able to improve libido and overall performance. Among the ginsenoside ingredient have been learned to produce helping penile erection by instantly activating the vasodilatation as well as comfort of the corpus cavernosum.

5. Catuaba: Is used to heighten sexual arousal and treat male sexual performance problems. It is also used for agitation, trouble sleeping related to high blood pressure, nervousness, ongoing mental and physical fatigue (neurasthenia), poor memory or forgetfulness, skin cancer; and as a tonic

6. Horny Goat Weed – Is used for weak back and knees, joint pain, osteoarthritis, mental and physical fatigue, memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis, liver disease, HIV/AIDS, polio, a blood disorder called chronic leucopenia, viral infections of the heart, bone loss after menopause, weak bones (osteoporosis), and as a tonic. Which is a popular Chinese traditional medicinal herb used for treating various sexual dysfunctions. It is a powerful natural aphrodisiac as well.

7. Muira Puama: Is used for preventing sexual disorders and to increase interest in sexual activity (as an aphrodisiac). It is also used for upset stomach, menstrual disorders, joint pain (rheumatism), and paralysis caused by poliomyelitis; and as a general tonic and an appetite stimulant.

8. Withania somnifera: Commonly known as Ashwagandha, is used for treatment of arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, tumors, tuberculosis, asthma, leukoderma, bronchitis, backache, fibromyalgia, menstrual problems, hiccups, and chronic liver disease.

9. Gotu Kola: Is used for sunstroke, tonsillitis, fluid around the lungs (pleurisy), liver disease (hepatitis), jaundice, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), stomach pain, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers, epilepsy, asthma, “tired blood” (anemia), diabetes, and for helping them live longer.
10. Stevia Leaf Extract: A low calorie sweetener; since there are no sexual benefits attributed to Stevia, it was most probably added to improve the medicine’s taste

Benefits of using Argi-Vive III:
1. The product is made from natural ingredients so the chances of side effects are very rare.

2. There are customer testimonials available on internet which helps the potential customers to judge whether the product is effective or not.

3. The product is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee incase the product effects are not satisfactory.

Limitation of Argi-Vive III:
1. The product is not backed clinical research to support its claims
2. The effects of the supplement are not long lasting.
3. There are mix reviews on internet that the product is not effective.

Price and prescription:
The cost of Argi-Vive III is as follows:
1. One Packet (one month supply) costs $49.95
2. Two Packets, Get One Free costs $69.95
3. Three Packets, Get Three Free costs $99.95

It is advised to mix one packet of powder with six ounces of water, allowing the solution to fizz and dissolve before drinking. Though there are no strict contraindications as to multiple doses of the solution, it is advisable to stick to one packet per day. It is also implied by other users that a packet a day must be taken regularly to maintain Argi-Vive III’s effects.

Guarantee Offer:
The product is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee incase the product effects are not satisfactory.

Final Verdict:
Though the product contains all the valid ingredients essential to improve the sexual performance but still there are many clinical studies which are pending in related to the efficiency of the product. I have been using this product for a month and I don’t feel like there are any changes, but as said earlier, we have to use the product on a regular basis. Hence, I would definitely post about the results achieved with the usage of this product. I will be giving this product 5 out of 10 for till date usage.

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