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About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Are you someone who has lacked interest in having sex? Well, this could be Female Sexual Dysfunction that recurrent as well as persistent problems during sexual activity. There are some common problems that are associated with it such as low desire to have sex, failing sexual response including the failure in maintaining arousal during sexual activity. Both physical as well as psychological conditions might lead to the effect of female sexual response cycle thereby leading to Female Sexual Dysfunction. If one persists to this problem, then it causes a serious problem in relationship that makes matter worse. Researchers have found that more than 43% of women experience this problem whereas 10% of them do not achieve organism. So, in this case, it is very important to get hold of the best and genuine female enhancement to get rid of this serious problem.

What are the reasons for Sexual Dysfunction?

It has been found that there are two major causes of sexual dysfunction – physical and psychological causes.

Physical Causes

  • Diabetes: By affecting the peripheral nervous system, it can have a bad impact on its genital sensitivity.
  • Anemia: Sexual arousal gets reduced due to the diminishing pelvic blood flow that in turns lead to inadequate genital stimulation.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Lower estrogen levels also lead to sexual dysfunction. This in turns lead to low sexual desire and reduced clitoris as well as breast sensitivity. During breastfeeding, there can be change in the female hormone level that also leads to lower sexual desire after birth.
  • Alcoholism: Alcohol makes a lot of impact on sexual response cycle. When it comes to the common effects of alcoholism on women’s sex, it includes vaginismus, low sexual desire, orgasmic disorders and so on.
  • Obesity: Eating disorder also leads to make an effect on sexual functionality. This is caused due to emotional eating leading to abnormal.
  • Low Self Esteem: Different aspects of low esteem such as cultural belief, body image including life failures can make a huge impact on sexual responsiveness. It might be also due to some private part injury that might lead to self esteem.

Psychological Causes

  • Past Sexual Abuse: One of the psychological causes is past sexual abuse such as injury, sexual trauma, painful intercourse as well as sexual abuse that might lead to affect the sex drive of female.
  • Depression: Long term sadness as well as guilty feeling that lead to depression might also be another psychological cause. It might also be due to constant poor communication during sex that contributes to lack of sexual interest.
  • Stress: Sexual functions are also affected by long term stress. It might include work pressure, unresolved conflict with your partner, impossible deadlines that lead to lack of sexual desire.
  • Menopause: It might be very stressful during menopause that leads to affect the hormone imbalance in the body. It causes reduced estrogen hormone during menopause that leaves the chances of affecting their sexual health.
  • Latent Lesbianism: Another reason for Female Sexual Dysfunction is lesbianism. It is caused through different conditions like loss of libido, painful intercourse and so on.

Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Some of the symptoms that can be seen during Female Sexual Dysfunction include:

  • Swelling and lack of lubrication during sexual intercourse 
  • Presence of  sexual dysfunctions like orgasmic disorder, hypoactive sexual disorder and sexual pain disorder
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Failure to maintain sexual arousal
  • Lack of sexual arousal

How is it possible to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction?

If you thought that you have to spend a lot of money from your pocket to treat this problem, then you are wrong. It is possible to avoid surgery and switch to female enhancement product that helps to bring back the sexual life. You need to make a good research to get hold of good supplement that would help in getting rid of Female Sexual Dysfunction without any problem at all. You also need to ensure that good steps are taken to get hold of the best products that does not lead to any sort of side effects as well.  It is also important to have a good look at the ingredients to ensure that there are no chemicals present it to remain on a much safer side.

How to get rid of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

It is a collective effort to in treating this type of dysfunction. You need to make sure that you do not try to stress yourself. It can affect your relationship and so you have to find effective treatment that would help a lot in increasing self esteem. You need to get hold of the best female enhancement products that would lead to get the best result for this problem without any longer period of time.

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