Erectile Dysfunction

Get To Know About The Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile is a common problem that is seen affecting to 30 million men where they find it difficult to have an erection no matter how much they try. This takes a toll on their relationship as they cannot enjoy a good and satisfied sexual life. This medical condition makes it inability to maintain a penile erection making their life very miserable. Well, it might be due to many factors that lead to erectile dysfunction that are hardly fatal. It is important to make sure to seek medical attention in case the erection problems become very frequent and irksome.

Scientific Reason of Erectile Dysfunction

Normally there is an involvement of nerves, hormones and blood supply which helps in the proper functioning of the penis. It helps in triggering the male sex organ either tactile, visual or even auditory that makes him feel excited and this led to the flow of blood to the spongy tissues of the penis that makes it erect and firm. So, in case of this dysfunction of the erection problem, it makes it difficult to get the necessary flow of blood to the penis for which it cannot get the erection. In might be due to neural, hormonal or vascular deficits.

Does ED Effects on a Man’s Sexual Performance?

When a person suffers from this serious dysfunction of the erection problem,  it becomes very difficult or impossible to get a tall and firm erection thereby which they could not get the necessary satisfaction during love making with his partner. It also becomes painfully short or unsatisfactory for both the man and his partner where they cannot expect to enjoy their moment at all. This is the reason why most people who suffers from this problem look forward to medical attention as so as to get rid of this problem by any means. It is also because the problem of not being able to satisfying their partner makes them feel very shameful at the same time.

Common Sign & symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Normally it is seen that an average person gets up to five erections during sleep. If you feel that you have not experienced any erection for a long time or nocturnal erections, then there are chances of being suffering from this erection problem. One important experiment that you can do is to buy stamps or patches from a drug store. In the night, when you retire for bed, put the stamps around your penile shaft. In the next morning, you need to examine the stamps carefully after you wake up. If you find that the stamps are loose, then this proves to be a sign of having a problem with your erection. If you find that it is securely in the place, then you should not have to get worried at all as you are safe and do not need any medical attention.

What are the Common Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are underlying causes for this problem of erection which is possible to get diagnosed and treated. Some of the important and common reasons are:

  • Excessive intake of alcohol and smoking that leads to arteriosclerosis that prevents the proper supply of blood to the penis.
  • Psychological reasons due to stress.
  • Neurogenic disorders
  • Physical injury caused by accidents.
  • Cavernosal disorders
  • Aging

How to deal with the problem of Erectile Dysfunction?

The best way to cope with this serious problem is to seek medical attention. For this, you should not shy away because there is no reason to be shameful at all. If you really wish to enjoy a healthy sexual life, then you need to take appointment with an experienced doctor that would carry out some tests to get rid of this problem of erection providing the ultimate results.

How to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Duplex Ultrasound: This test helps in evaluating the flow of blood to the penis. It makes it possible in detecting the problem that leads to affect the flow of blood such as calcifications and arteriosclerosis of arteries. This process includes injection of prostaglandins into the penis that helps the normal flow of blood.
  • Cavernosometry: This test helps in measuring the vascular pressure of the spongy tissue of the penis in order to make sure whether the person is suffering from cavernosal disorders.
  • Noctural Penile Tumescence: It uses a snap gauge where test is made when the person is asleep in order to determine whether nocturnal erections really takes place or not.

Get the Ultimate Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

You should know that Erectile Dysfunction is curable and so it is important to put your best foot forward to get hold of the perfect cure to it. It is important to deal with this issue as soon as possible by getting touch with a good doctor that would help you get the ultimate treatment. You would be able to enjoy the best sex life without any problem at all.

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